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Thanks for choosing to purchase Hengsheng fanghu products. Thanks! To let you use the products better, Shandong hengsheng fanghu protective products co.,ltd. provide you with the following service commitments through the products contained int the warranty card and provide you with service according the commitments.
    These products commitments apply only to the year after October 1, 2019 after  the sale of the brand Hengsheng products standard.
All commitment will accompanied by a warranty card.
    The three warranty services are as follows:
    Within 7 days after the arrival of the good, the customer can choose to return,replace or repair the goods if there is any quality problem that is not caused by human being.
    Within 15 days after the arrival of the goods, if there is any quality problem that is not caused by human damage, consumers can choose to replace and repair.
    Within 1 years after the arrival of the goods, customers can choose repair if the quality problem is not caused by human damage.
The following is not covered by the warranty:
    The products have been delivered for more than 1 year
    No valid warranty certificate or invoice
    The contents of the invoice are not in accordance with the description of the actual goods or have been changed.
    Do not use, maintain, maintain and damage according to the product instructions.


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