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How to distinguish the quality and inferior quality of medic

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The medical anti-collision handrail is made of polymer extruded parts, injection molded parts, shock-proof pads, specially designed cavity structure and aluminum alloy, the perfect combination of high-strength aluminum-titanium alloy inner bracket and ethylene grease material is an upgrade product to replace the traditional technology and stainless steel handrail.
    Product Features: 1, support, parapet 2, non-slip, comfortable 3, decoration, anti-collision 4, fire-resistant, anti-bacteria fashion color to dull quiet public walkways, a rainbow across, add vitality, ensure the destructive impact from the outside, while making the environment more beautiful.

Use High Polymer Decorations: PVCPP / BS, antiseptic and antibacterial;
   Simple installation, easy maintenance and durability;
   The utility model has the advantages of various colors, novel shapes and is suitable for use in various occasions;
   Professional Design and reasonable fastening of high-quality Aluminum Alloy Core;
   Surface texture, fire resistance, wear resistance, easy cleaning;
Protecting walls, resisting impact and having a beautiful appearance
   Specially designed anti-collision tape to provide shock-proof and impact resistance;
Equipped in hospital corridors and wards, to prevent food carts, cleaning carts medicine carts, carts, beds, wheelchairs and other parties from the destructive impact. The Aisle Armrest series has the unique     protective function; The outer plastic is made of impact-resistant core board made by special mixed extrusion of impact-resistant Vinyl Resin, and is fitted with aluminum bearing seat.


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