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How to choose a corridor crash barrier?

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Anti-collision handrails are essential barrier-free facilities in modern hospitals, and are generally installed on both sides of the hospital corridor to help patients support.
    Corridor crash barriers need to be targeted at different medical users. From home patients, the disabled, the elderly to the nurses who take care of their patients in the hospital, they need medical crash barriers. As end products, they must be firm and easy to use.
    The corridor anti-collision handrail is a combination of PVC panel and aluminum alloy base plus base. It has antibacterial, fireproof, wear-resistant, protective wall, and anti-slip effects. Suitable for hospitals, nursing homes and other public places. Not only can it help the disabled to support walking, it can also play a role in protecting the wall. Mainly used in hospital corridor handrails, nursing home corridor handrails, elderly apartment corridor handrails, hotel corridor handrails, hospital anti-collision handrails, nursing home anti-collision handrails, etc
Features of corridor anti-collision handrails:
    1.Diverse colors and models, which can meet the environmental requirements of various styles
Adopt PVC, ABS polymer exterior decoration, fine particles, compact density, anti-corrosion, antibacterial, firm and reliable, beautiful and practical
    The hand-held part of the anti-collision handrail is in accordance with the requirements of human mechanics, and the hand-held part has a comfortable and reasonable arc.
    The inner core is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which does not rust and is reasonably fast in design. The anti-collision handrail really functions as an anti-collision.
    The elbow support is made of ABS material, which is integrally compression-molded, and is the same plane as the flat plate, avoiding large joints to achieve the effect of beautiful appearance and easy cleaning.

    1.The handrail adopts high polymer exterior decoration: PVC, ABS, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, and the wall is firm and reliable in preventing fall, which is beautiful and practical.
    2. Simple installation and maintenance, convenient maintenance, durable
    3. The colors and models are diverse, which can meet the needs of any place for handrails
    4.The anti-collision armrest has many special effects such as flame retardant, antibacterial and simple shape.
    5.Professional design of high-quality aluminum alloy in the core, and reasonable fastening


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