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How to buy a safe and qualified barrier-free handrail?

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Barrier-free handrail has always been an indispensable equipment in hospitals, nursing homes and other public places. With the increasing demand, a variety of different models, prices, performance products are beginning to appear in the market. With so many choices, how do you buy the right product? The following with small make up together to have a look!

     Nowadays, the high-quality medical barrier-free handrails are mostly made of engineering plastics with antibacterial function or plastic components, and there are also different color choices to distinguish the application of different occasions, this will be more convenient for patients, the elderly, but also can play a certain role in enhancing the aesthetic. 
    Secondly, a qualified barrier-free handrail surface should not have a gap, nor should there be uneven or rough burr appear, which will greatly affect the use of the hand feeling, and even the user may be injured. In addition, if the stainless steel pipe manufacturing barrier-free handrail, should ensure the stainless steel pipe wall thickness, avoid the occurrence of bending deformation. 
    No matter what kind of barrier-free handrails, they should be suitable for the curve, and installation should be 5 ~ 6 cm away from the wall, to avoid too narrow gap can not grasp or too wide stuck arm.


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